K9 Web Protection Editor’s Review

When it comes to free software, something isn’t always better than nothing: “freebies” can clog up system resources and slow down machines. That’s not the case with K9 Web Protection, however: it doesn’t do a great deal, but what it does, it does well.

Unlike some parental control software that works on applications such as chat rooms and instant messaging, this is solely a website blocking tool. It works in a simple format, categorising websites into 69 different categories and letting the parent decide which categories should be blocked. These categories include certain types of pop-up advert, so parents can use the program as protection for themselves!

Though working with “block lists” such as this can give mixed results, there are some additional tools for extra protections. Parents can manually add specific websites that they want to block. They can also block any sites that contain particular words.

One particularly neat tool is the ability to automatically set different controls at different times. For example, you can allow a child overall access to social networking tools, but block it when they are supposed to be doing homework.

The biggest drawback is that the system doesn’t allow separate user accounts, meaning it isn’t much use if you have children of different ages.

Pros: Simple to use; wide range of categories.

Cons: Limited functions; not multi-user customizable.

Conclusions: Worth a look for parents unsure about filtering software.

K9 Web Protection has the ability to block adult, porn and other offensive content, prevent spyware infections, and monitor visited sites on any Internet access connection (AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Earthlink).

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